The Land of One Thousand Towers

into the mountain

Creating Heroes

Once in the mountain all of the walls were smooth and the interior was lit with a strange glow. There were many very strange metallic skeletons, many of them. They did not seem to be bothered by us being there so we left them alone and they left us alone. The facility was very difficult to navigate, lots of twist and turns, lots of doors, and a lot of those strange skeletons.
We searched a lot of rooms, found one with a chest in it. Theo checked it out, missed the trap, then found the trap the hard way. The party did find one metallic critter that was willing to fight us. He had these rays that shot out of his hands, they hurt a lot when they hit you. After destroying the death ray shooting metal skeleton we found a lever that when we moved it loud alarms sounded and there was some clunking noises coming from the lower levels. We returned to town before venturing into the lower levels, I was hurt from the battle as were others in our party, plus we had a large cache of treasure.
On the return trip we were ambushed by Orcs, there always have to be Orcs. They wanted our treasure. They did get the jump on us, Theo ended upside down dangling from a tree. I must say that even upside down he was able to shoot his bow and help protect the cart, it was an awesome feat, while the rest of the party engaged with rest of the Orcs, I took out three of them myself! Bellisara smashed at least two of their grimy skulls in.

Flush with power, we returned to the town, and there it was determined that we would need to travel to the Big City to sell some of our more valuable items.


keithstrickland Daireen

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